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Medical Help

Oldage Suport

Education Suport

Shreenika Foundation is a non-government organization that works to provide help to people in need. The goal of the foundation is to provide immediate and long term relief for those with medical, social, educational, child care needs. The main aim of the foundation is to empower women and children at large by providing them with basic education and requisite skills so as to enable them to become self-reliant and live a life full of dignity.

Our Services

We help Oldage Home people, women empowerment, and children.  We are an organization that was formed to create a world where every human being should be able to live with all the basic necessities for living.


What we do

Making smiling Faces by helping people in Education, providing food & empowering women to get all the necessities that they actually deserve.

We Find & Fund

Find & Funds' idea is basically on helping the innovative ideas for those people who have innovative ideas that can make a better change in the society in Education, Women Empowering works etc.

We Build Networks

We help in a unique way by building networks. It creates innovative ways to connect people and organizations towards solving problems faced at community levels.

We Strengthen

We empower all kinds of community people by providing them with opportunities to create income, build careers and enhance their quality of life.

We Educate

The Shreenika Foundation is a non-profit organization based in India that works on projects and events to improve the lives of children & helping women to stand out for themselves in India.

We Provide Care

We are an organization that strives to provide support for Old Age home People with basic medical, caring, love, and support like a family

We Learn

We are researching some new challenges of the society like Child labor, Health Problems etc and learning how can we solve it for long term in the near future.